Lixo Massage Chair -LI3001

Lixo® Massage Chair LI3001 is one of sleek and contemporary model. Soft and comfortable recliner with all the best features of most of the Massage chairs. Simple and special care for the back and legs calves. Beautifully designed for your calm and comfortable leisure’s.

Adjust the performance based on the body it holds, the Automatic detections will regulate the speed and pressure of the massage chair are properly decided based on the unique technology and design.

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Special Features

  • Performance Zero Gravity and more, Satisfy different requirements.
  • Kneading, pummel, Wavelet, knock, shiatsu, music, air pressure, vibration, roller.
  • Two wheels massage mechanism, more stable, more comfortable.
  • OPTO Sensormakes shoulder-adjust more accurately.
  • Before starting the massaging process, the Body Scan system will automatically detect the user’s upper body and the figure curve from the head to caudal vertebra through the feedback of the pressure value of rollers. The system can not only detect the shoulder position and the upper body figure based on the users’ different height.
  • Automatic massage human touch programs – for upper and lower body.
  • Three levels of roller width – narrow, regular, wide.
  • Various massage human touch techniques: tapping, pressing, kneading, air pressure massage, reflexology, spiral vibration and combination massage.
  • Manual programming – for overall/ partial/ pin pointed massage. Air pressure for neck.
  • Air pressure for arm; Twist by mechanism.
  • Air pressure for leg and feet; Extendable feet rest.


  • Power consumption:80 Watts
  • Operating Voltage: 50 Hz/220V~240V
  • Net / Gross weight (kg): 70/100 KGS.
  • Main body: 140*80*80cm
  • Leg-rest: 55*40*50cm

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