Lixo Massage Chair -LI6001A

The Lixo® Massage Chair LI6001A is luxurious elegance at its finest. The streamline body design shapes a more exquisite outlook. The plush backrest is soft, comfortable and velvety to the touch. The armrests are long, wide and comfortable. The Lixo® Massage Chair LI6001A is a strikingly beautiful massage chair loaded with therapeutic massage therapies. This massage chair is the best model among others, with a very strong performance, where can satisfy most of the customers’ needs from an overall full body massage service. Our price includes on-door delivery, so you can expect to have it without any extra effort to place this massage chair at home.

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Special Features

  • “Zero Gravity” function, when press the “Zero Gravity” button, the back side will be completely lying down, meanwhile the seat and leg part will be moved up to a special angle where at this moment, it allows the body’s gravity totally be transferred onto the massage chair, as you will be feeling in a “weightlessness” condition. The backrest, seat, and leg, all will be turned to this limit position, bringing you the greatest feeling.
  • Reflexology – unique feature rolling massage for professional feet therapy. Air pressure adjustment – airbags are scientifically distributed along the acupuncture points of feet and calf, providing for multi-technique and all-around pressing, kneading and swaying massage for toes, soles of the feet, heels, ankles and legs etc. A 15 minutes massage program can totally relieve your fatigue and make you feel energetic and spirit returned. 3 levels of massage strength are optional for leg massage.
  • Newly designed touch-button controller, touch button controller makes operation simpler and more convenient. Touch the button gently can select four kinds of automatic massage programs based on your needs. But you can always do a manually adjustment on the massage intensity, control the massaging speed, and take your body to a better position. Digital Remote Control – VFD display screen on main controller, operates all functions of the chair. Waterproof material on the “Smart Touch”, more durable and convenient for cleaning and maintenance.


  • Power consumption: 260 Watts
  • Operating Voltage: 50 Hz/220V~240V
  • Net / Gross weight(kg): 152/179KGS
  • Cover fabric materials: Fire Retardant PVC
  • Dimensions: 155cm×85cm×120cm & 200cm×85cm×99m
  • Included: Digital Remote control, Detachable Headrest, Detachable Back Cushion, Detachable Seat Cushion

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