Lixo Massage Chair -LI7001

The Lixo L17001 massage chair The epitome of perfection, crafted with state-of-the-art design and is uniquely fabricated, unlike any other. The efficient and precise mechanism and operation of the massage chair
are unmatched because of its superior quality. The Lixo Massage Chair LI70001 is deluxe and grand at its best. This high-class and extravagant massage chair is the most expensive of all. It is an epitome of contentment and nirvana. Built with high caliber, the massage chair performs the best massage techniques that can avail you with a joyous bliss of well-being . This is a lavish organic therapy that can satisfy your needs to the fullest. We provide you with the best of customer service so that you can synonymize Lixo with plush massage therapy. A spa-like luxury item sings epiphany of comfort and relaxation. A massage chair is all about transforming you with luxurious repose that can release you of tension and help you dive in the pool of tranquillity. Bring home a much deserved massage chair which is of high-end cutting-edge technology
yet it mirrors the hands of a masseuse. Don’t just add this massage chair to your everyday routine, make it your lifestyle.

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Special Features

  • The cutting-edge technology of the dual-core system can offer the users with impeccable and pristine massage for the much-needed areas like neck, shoulder, back, and waist
  • The massage chair is inclusive of the innovative expansive guide track so that you can be mesmerized by the massage that mirrors the hands of a masseuse
  • You are not at all locked-in while unwinding yourself at the massage chair because you have suave and quick access to buttons for physical control so that you can glide into the massage vehemently.
  • Forget the conventional and boring remote control because now is the era of advanced Pad App Control- Remote that can be handled like a dream.
  • A unique feature of this massage chair is the futuristic and ultra-modern graphene ultrafast heat-up technology which can help you de-stress and soothe your ailments immensely.
  • Do you get irked by massage chairs that are stacked up with buttons? This Lixo massage chair is all about availing you with space-saving one press control which is made with the cutting-edge sliding design.
  • As Leonardo da Vinci said, “the human foot is a masterpiece of engineering and a work of art”. So why bear the aching pain in your feet when you can gain effective relief with the three spiky rollers for the underfoot acupoint massage.
  • Another unique and mesmerizing feature of this massage chair is whole-body air pressure massage that can help you rejuvenate your body in a jiffy.
  • If you want to experience Nirvana then Lixo L17001 massage chair’s balanced and erythematic massage sessions can help you fall back in your own happy place.
  • Why leave your mobile when you are relaxing? Give your mobile its own power-up with the wireless charger that has been easily placed near the arm of the massage chair.
  • Behold the awe-striking and alluring spine invert stretching which mimics a yoga pose. This massage technique is not found in any other massage chair. Be healthier than ever with the dual benefits of massage therapy and yoga stretch.
  • The best massage chair is the one which is technologically sound and is inclusive of all the essential requirement and amenities. This massage chair is absolutely the one because it comes up with a USB charging port so that you can be availed with maximum benefits.
  • The massage chair is inclusive of movable leg portion from upper leg to lower leg so that you can get a proper vehement massage.
  • The architecture of human-body simulation which can give you an original and unique massage experience for your exhausted and worn out shoulders. It has crank arms design which is operated by the chips so that the kneading can go from head to the upfront shoulder. The super-long stroke design can tend to people with different heights.
  • There are many human massage touch techniques like shiatsu, tapping, air pressure massage, kneading, pressing, spiral vibration, reflexology and other combination of massages.
  • In order to meet the needs of the people with different heights, there is foot-operated retractable leg-rest so that the user can use their feet to adjust the leg-rest which can be stretched. There is an assurance of space between foot and footrest.
  • There is a high-tech wireless intellectual controlling system which can control the massage program. You can plunge into the world of music and be in-tune with your relaxed self by listenining to your favourite music.
  • There is multi-technique wave massage for arms because airbags are installed on both the sides of the arm rest. There are optional massage strengths. Give a much-needed delicate massage to your arms because of the innovative arm massage structure.
  • The massage chair is also inclusive of thigh parts and buttocks. There are airbags installed at the bottom of the seat in order to provide the swaying waves massage to the buttocks and thighs.
  • The chair is automated with the touch-button controller which can make the massage program simple and convenient


  • Size: Extending Size : L205 * W85 * H83
  • Size: Standing Size : L170 * W85 * H125
  • Weight: NW : 169 * GW * 204

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