Lixo Foot Massager -LI399

After a long day work, a LI399 foot massager will be pleasant and relaxing. An extraordinary pain relief just before your comfort sleep.A perfect companion after your relentless exertion.Simply a companion for your legs.

Gentle kneading penetrates deeply into your feet, ankles and calves. Personal-preference massage programs provide various health benefits, it is especially effective for housewives, working individuals with heavy fieldwork and elderly people with adequate comfort to everyone. The foot massage improves blood flow throughout the body and translates to more efficient oxygenation of cells and more rapid recovery following a workout or a long walk.

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Special Features

  • Air pressure, massage calf, feet, ankle. 360”C
  • Heel massage, arch scrapping massage, feet scrapping massage
  • Air pressure massage for both side of feet and ankle.
  • Upper calf massage, lower calf massage
  • Air pressure massage for both side of calf.
  • Soothing heat for arch
  • Soothing heat for calf.
  • 3 automatic massage modes- Soft Relaxing, Fatigue Relieve and Recovery of Ache
  • Five kinds of massage modes: Kneading & push, Kneading & rolling, Shiatsu, Twist and Air pressure massage.
  • 3 intensity adjustable.
  • The internal cover can be removed for cleaning or replaced
  • Tilt angle, more convenient and more Humanization.
  • Rolling massage for sole
  • Fashionable design, LED lamps.
  • More Benefits
    1. Promoting blood circulation.
    2. Preventing paralysis of legs.
    3. Improving digestion.
    4. Relieving insomnia.
    5. Relieving daily stress.
    6. Strengthening body immunity.


  • Operating Voltage: 50 Hz/220V~240V
  • Size: 54 x 52.5 x 56.5 cm

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