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The Lixo® Massage Chair LI6001 is luxurious elegance at its finest. The streamline body design shapes a more exquisite outlook. The plush backrest is soft, comfortable and velvety to the touch. The armrests are long, wide and comfortable. The Lixo® Massage Chair LI6001 is a strikingly beautiful massage chair loaded with therapeutic massage therapies.

This massage chair is one of our best models among others, with a very strong performance, where can satisfy most of the customers’ needs from an overall full body massage service. Our price includes on-door delivery, so you can expect to have it without any extra effort to place this massage chair at home.

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Special Features

  • Wireless intellectual controlling system Support android 2.0 to control the massage program. Blue Tooth signal can be used for sending the music to the massage chair to start your favorite music.
  • Innovative L body shape design, where the chair can give massage from the neck to buttock, this is a cutting-edge technology go beyond the traditional ones that most of the traditional massage chairs could only cover the back part.
  • Slide structure design, allow the massage chair can be set close to the wall, help saving at least 20% space taken.
  • OPTO sensor device, optocoupler detection device, help to make more accurate and reliable shoulder detection.
  • High quality Japanese motors, rollers and processing unit.
  • Four-rollers massage mechanism, kneading width extended 6-20 cm, 77 centimetres long massage rolling arm. The key point of back massage is to strengthen the kneading massage on the points of shoulders, neck and waist.
  • Human-body simulation architecture, put you into a real person massaging condition for your shoulder. Super-long crank arm design operated by the chips, allows the kneading even go through from the heads to the upfront shoulder, super-long stroke design can meet all kinds of people with different height.
  • Effective massaging width – 3.8cm to 24.5cm.
  • Massage chairs recline angle – 116° ~ 175°.
  • Scanning and memorizing users’ body physique and weight.
  • Automatic massage human touch programs – for upper and lower body.
  • Heating therapy – for waist.
  • 5 degrees of intensity – The kneading speed is around 26-44times/min.
  • The tapping speed is around 200-580 times/min.
  • 3 levels of roller width – narrow, regular, wide.
  • Various massage human touch techniques: tapping, shiatsu, pressing, kneading, air pressure massage, reflexology, spiral vibration and combination massage.
  • Manual programming – for overall/ partial/ pin pointed massage.
  • Airbags installed on both shoulders.
  • Double layer airbags for arm and shoulder massage, 4 airbags installed on both sides of armrest provide multi-technique wave massage for arms. At the same time, 6 massage strengths are optional according to your own favor; The innovative arm massage structure can give you delicate massage on your arms.
  • Linkage mechanism has been designed between the armrest and backrest. When the backrest is ascending or descending, the armrest will also react as descending or ascending. No matter which angle the backrest turned to be, the arm and upper body part will keep the same position accordingly. The Users is therefore, can adjust the angle between backrest and armrest to put the body in a most natural and ideal posture.
  • Massage mechanism for buttocks and thigh part. Two airbags installed at the bottom of the seat provide swaying waves massage to thigh and buttocks; meanwhile, it can also provide vibration massage on perineum which can effectively relieve haemorrhoids and other diseases. Strength and intensity can be adjusted with 3 degrees.
  • Foot operated retractable leg-rest, to meet the needs of people with different heights, the user can use their feet to adjust the leg-rest. The leg-rest can be stretched by 20 cm, the space between food and footrest is ensured.
  • Innovation on the seat part, the seat can turn around together with the backrest for 15 degree.
  • Detachable ergonomic dual- headrest pillow, seat and back cushion.
  • Easy-roll casters: wheels installed on the chair, easy to move.
  • “Zero Gravity” function, when press on the “Zero Gravity” button, the back side will be completely lying down, meanwhile the seat and leg part will be moved up to a special angle where at this moment, it allows the body’s gravity totally be transferred onto the massage chair, as you will be feeling in a “weightlessness” condition. The backrest, seat, and leg, all will be turned to this limit position, bringing you the greatest feeling.
  • Reflexology – unique feature rolling massage for professional feet therapy. Air pressure adjustment – airbags are scientifically distributed along the acupuncture points of feet and calf, providing for multi-technique and all-around pressing, kneading and swaying massage for toes, soles of the feet, heels, ankles and legs etc. A 15 minutes massage program can totally relieve your fatigue and make you feel energetic and spirit returned. 3 levels of massage strength are optional for leg massage.
  • Newly designed touch-button controller, touch button controller makes operation simpler and more convenient. Touch the button gently can select four kinds of automatic massage programs based on your needs. But you can always do a manually adjustment on the massage intensity, control the massaging speed, and take your body to a better position. Digital Remote Control – VFD display screen on main controller, operates all functions of the chair. Waterproof material on the “Smart Touch”, more durable and convenient for cleaning and maintenance.


  • Power consumption: 260 Watts
  • Operating Voltage: 50 Hz/220V~240V
  • Net / Gross weight(kg): 142/176KGS
  • Cover fabric materials: Fire Retardant PVC
  • Dimensions: 131 x 87 x121 cm (Upright) 168 x 87 x 65 cm (Recline)
  • Included: Digital Remote control, Detachable Headrest, Detachable Back Cushion, Detachable Seat Cushion

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    Such a fantastic chair which we was looking for .. thank you lixo for this good product and service

    • lhuser

      Thank you Mr.ganesh.

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