Lixo Massage Chair -LI4455

The Lixo Massage Chair LI4455 is so comfortable that it has been designed in such a way that would enhances wellness and natural healing through its massage power and comfort. It offers blissful experience to the person looking for a perfect massage chair that rejuvenates their body completely. This chair also has a cozy feel and your body will also feel light after you place yourself in the chair. The best part of this magical chair is that it is well-equipped with all the modern-day technologies that will let go of all the tensions and tiredness of the people. This Massage Chair comes with high-tech features.

This Massage chair creates the closest facsimile to a professional massage therapist. As we all live in a stressful time where each and every day we struggle with life in our own ways. There is one way that you can get rid of all the stress and pain is by buying the Lixo Massage Chair LI4455 to help you attain the optimal state of leisure.

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Special Features

  • Lixo Massage Chair – LI4455 is a comfortable S & L Track design.
    • L-Track extends high-performance coverage from neck and shoulders all the way down to waist and thighs.
    • S-Track matches the body curve closely.
  • Graphene Thermostatic Hot Compress
    • Using the advanced heating technology in about 10 seconds you’ll feel warm from the waist and back.
  • Whole-body air pressure massage & Foldable back cushion.
  • Two Kinds Of Zero Gravity.
    • Zero Gravity 1: Adjust the legs to a condition of 126 degrees + 7 degrees with the whole body, so that the weight of the whole body is evenly distributed in the massage chair, also for reducing the pressure in the spine and joints.
    • Zero Gravity 2: Adjust the legs and body to a higher Angle, so that the whole body is positioned in a flat zero-gravity posture.
  • Airbags surround your body that expands and compresses.
  • Anti-pinch Feature | flapping and kneading | Shoulder, Arm, Feet Relaxing.
  • The Touch and Go six Automatic – classic massage procedures.
    • Exercise & Recovery, Body Stimulator, Work Decompression, Shoulder & Neck Massage, Sleeping Accelerator Lumbar Spine Massage.
  • Space capsule seat design.
    • The inside and outside High tech style of this massage chair is different from the design and style of the ordinary traditional massage chair. This massage chair adopts the minimalist curved design of the space capsule-type.
  • Own Massage Spa Manual Customization.
    • customize your own massage with the manual mode as regular and fixed massage procedures may not be able to meet your needs.
  • The massage procedure is a bit fast, the back kneads deeply and massages every position in the same force.
  • Massage Techniques.
    • Hard Kneading, Soft Kneading, Malaxation, Shiatsu, Rollback, Tapping.
    • Massage Speed – 1 to 6 levels
    • Back Position Adjustment – up & down.
    • 3 Massage Zones – Full body, Single Part & Point Massage.
    • Massage Range – Narrow, Middle & wide.
    • Foot Roller – on / off.
  • Detailed Design And High-Quality Assurance
    • Foot double section design, Metal Wings, Fire Resistant Cloth, PU Leather Coating.
  • More than just a comfortable massage chair.
  • Manually extendable footrest with an underfoot rolling massage.
  • A revolution in the massage chair with the latest technology.
  • Use a Voltage controller or Stabilizer for better maintenance.
  • Dedicated Product Specialist Assistance.
  • A gift of a lifetime for special ones or elderly parents on their birthdays, wedding anniversaries, marriage, housewarming, retirement, or any auspicious occasions. A perfect present for adorable people in your life!


  • Packing Dimension(cm) 186 * 80 * 87
  • Upright Size(cm): 146 * 70 * 115
  • Reclined Size(cm): 175 * 70 * 83
  • Net Weight: 88.7 (Kg)
  • Gross Weight: 108.3 (Kg)
  • Rated Voltage: 220 V
  • Rated Frequency: 50 Hz
  • Rated Power: 135 W


  • Warranty: 2 Years On-Site Doorstep Warranty (1 Year On-Site Warranty + 1 Years On-Site Extended Free Warranty) for personal use only.
  • Highest Warranty in the industry ever.
  • AMC available.

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