Lixo Massage Chair -LI6001B

The Lixo Massage Chair LI6001B is so lavish and comfortable. The design of the chair is par excellence and gives an urban prospect. The lavish backrest is silky soft and can offer a much-needed serenity and rejuvenation. The armrest is broad and is crafted to give a cozy feel. The Lixo Massage Chair LI6001B is a remarkably pristine massage chair which is inclusive of exemplary massage therapies. This model of the massage chair is unique and is embedded with a lot of technological advancement that can cater to the requirements of the customer. This massage chair stands apart when compared to the others because it can provide sublime professional therapeutic massages that are in demand from the users. This chair is all about giving a stress-relieving full body massage.

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Special Features

  • The chair is crafted with an L body shape design which can give a full massage from neck to the buttock.
  • There is cutting edge technology of OPTO sensor present in the massage chair which can accurately detect your shoulder.
  • A new design of touch: With the new touch button controller, you can use a massage chair easily. All you have to do is just touch the button gently and then you can select any four types of automatic massage program, which is specially made for your needs.
  • Reflexology: Relax your feet through the professional feet therapy because this massage chair provides different massage techniques for you. Only 15 minutes of your time is required because you can feel zestful and upright effectively. The airbags are carefully spread across the acupuncture points of calf and feet. This provides all-around pressing and multi-technique, swaying and kneading massage for soles, toes, ankles, heels, and legs.
  • The function of zero gravity: Feel a weightless condition through the massage chair with a zero-gravity button. In minutes, the backrest, leg, and seat will move into this position so that you can experience the greatest feeling ever.
  • The massage chair has an innovative technology of the wireless intellectual controlling system in order to control the massage programs. You can listen to music while using the massage chair since there is the availability of bluetooth.
  • There is a human touch program of automatic massage for the lower and upper body and heating therapy for the waist.
  • There are airbags installed on both of the shoulders.
  • There are many human touch techniques offered like shiatsu, tapping, kneading, pressing, reflexology, air pressure massage, combination massage, and spiral vibration.
  • You can move the chairs easily because of installed wheels.
  • The seat has been innovatively designed where it can turn around together along with the backrest.
  • Air pressure massage for shoulder, back, arm, hip, and calf.
  • L shape super long massage guide
  • You can do manual programming for partial/overall and pinpointed massage
  • Up and down alternately kneading and rubbing massage in legs.


  • New 3D massage mechanism
  • Negative ion air purification
  • Rolling massage for sole (3-row)
  • Heating for back *Speaker for music
  • Slide forwards(Max.28cm)to save space
  • Menu style remote controller *Zero gravity
  • Automatically extendable leg-rest (Max.17cm)
  • Bluetooth for music and mobile terminal controller
  • Negative ion air purification
  • Size (cm): Extending Size L200*W85*H99
  • Standing Size : L155*W*85*H120
  • Weight(kg) NW:152 GW:179

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